Veterinarian Gilbert, AZ

AZ Vet Direct is your go-to mobile veterinarian clinic that offers accessible yet comprehensive veterinary care right at your doorstep. From vaccinations and dental services to surgeries, we bring everything your pets need directly to them, ensuring they receive excellent care in the comfort and safety of their own home in Gilbert, AZ.

Prepare yourself for a whole new approach to pet care.

Veterinarian Gilbert, AZ

Veterinarian Gilbert, AZ

What Our Mobile Vet Clinic Offers

At AZ Vet Direct, we bring exceptional medical care right to your doorstep for your furry babies.

Pet Surgery

Our mobile veterinarian team delivers top-notch surgical care to pets, making sure they get the medical attention they need right at their own home.

Pet Dental Care

Our team specializes in outstanding dental care for both dogs and cats, helping your furry family members keep their smiles bright and healthy.

Pet Vaccination

We offer essential vaccinations for dogs, cats, and other family pets to shield them from various diseases and prioritize their health.


We specialize in providing microchipping services to help keep your furry friends safe. This simple and effective procedure ensures they can be quickly returned to you if they ever wander off.

Pet Amputation

Our mobile veterinary clinic provides top-notch care for dogs and cats that require amputation procedures, ensuring your furry friends receive the best treatment in a familiar and comforting environment.

Parasite Prevention

Exceptional care for both dogs and cats is provided through comprehensive parasite prevention services delivered directly to you.

This ensures that ticks, fleas, heartworms, and other harmful parasites are kept at bay, safeguarding your pet’s health effectively.

Rabbit Care

We offer complete rabbit care, making sure your furry companions get top-notch health services. Our mobile clinic comes right to your doorstep, which makes things easier for you and more comfortable for your rabbits.

Why Choose Our Mobile Veterinary Services?

Explore to find out how we make pet health convenient and stress-free for both you and your pets.

Convenience for Busy Pet Owners

Taking care of dogs and cats can be tough for people with busy schedules, but mobile veterinary services make it a lot easier.

With this convenient service, there’s no need to travel, making it simpler than ever to keep up with vaccinations, health check-ups, and treatments for your pets without disrupting your hectic life.

Safe and Familiar Environment for Pets

We deliver veterinary care right to your home, making sure that dogs and cats get the care they need where they’re most comfortable. By doing this, we reduce stress for your pets by keeping them in their own safe and familiar surroundings while they receive expert medical attention.

No Exposure to Other Animals and Illnesses

Bringing a safe and cozy setting to pets naturally offers the huge benefit of avoiding contact with other animals and illnesses. Our traveling veterinary services arrive right at your doorstep, making sure that your dogs and cats get excellent care without the danger of getting sick from other animals—a frequent worry in regular vet offices.

Veterinarian Gilbert, AZ

Veterinary Services Gilbert, AZ

Expect Trusted Care for Your Pets with AZ Vet Direct!

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As your veterinarian, we offer a wide range of affordable pet vaccinations to keep your furry friends in top health. Whether it’s a rabies vaccine for cats and dogs or Bordetella for your playful pup, our prices are wallet-friendly, starting at just $20 per vaccination.

Our clinics are equipped with the latest in vaccine technology, ensuring that every shot provides solid protection against various diseases.

At our locations, walk-ins are always welcome, making it convenient for you to secure crucial vaccines like DA2PP, Lepto, Lyme, and Canine Influenza without delay. You can trust us to deliver quality care because we understand how important your pets’ health is.